When my division began using MSO back in 2007, 10-12% of our sales were non-stock product. Today, we lead the company at 28% … and these are high margin sales. I personally use the website daily. Our company has more than 100 inside salespeople and I’m # 5 in overall sales.

Access to MSO has made me the “go to guy” with my clients. They try me first because they know that I am a trusted resource on the availability of metals in the US market.
I cannot recommend MSO more highly.
TW Metals
Phoenix, AZ

Recently, we needed some wide 6061 O temper sheet which we usually get from Bralco but they were out. I have called all over hell’s half acre without success. But we were able to track it down — by using MSO! We placed an order this morning with Charleston Aluminum.

We also have an ongoing order now with a customer on some aluminum sheet that we originally sourced using your service. This has resulted in $38,000.00 in additional sales to this particular customer since September.

I sent an email to my manager letting him know about our success and the reason for it being your service.
EMJ Metals
Hayward, CA

We have been using the Metal Suppliers Online website now for roughly 10 years. In that time, we’ve seen our buyout business go from a hit or miss 10-12% per month to a more dependable 20-25%.

The MBA program gives our sales team the tools to leverage customer relationships and become a true one stop shop.
Vernon CA

I began using Metal Suppliers Online back in 1999. Back then I was part of a major North American service center chain and we immediately saw results. Our inside sales staff became instant experts in the availability of every metal stocked in the market. They were also able to help our clients understand the properties and fabrication techniques of thousands of alloys.

When I left to start my own company, Metal Suppliers Online was one of my first calls. I wanted to make sure that my staff had the knowledge to compete and be of value to our clients. Today, we are a leading supplier of both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys in the Bay Area. Our clients have come to trust our staff to help with any material need and Metal Suppliers Online has been a big part of our success.

I would recommend Metal Suppliers Online and their professional staff to anyone in the metals distribution business…..so long as they’re nowhere near San Francisco!!
Metal Werx
Hayward, CA

We strive to supply our customers with their exact material requirements and complete their shopping lists. Often, this requires us to source materials. Metal Suppliers Online enables us develop multiple RFQs with a number of different suppliers for non standard materials.

Equally important, we have used the data provided by Metal Suppliers Online to collaborate with other suppliers to help solve our customers’ sourcing and manufacturing trouble spots.
Penn Stainless
Quakertown, PA

I have had multiple orders this year where the Metal Suppliers Online database produced that fruit. Thank you for all the help … this is wonderful partnership and appreciate your assistance.

Mary Anderson
Tampa Steel

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