We solve "Unobtainium"!

You specify an alloy for a given application and it can’t be found. It’s not available in the form, size, temper or quantity you require. Now you have a problem. You have discovered Unobtanium – the perfect alloy for a project that can never be found on the open market.

Our company was founded in 1995 specifically to give engineers insight and knowledge regarding material availability in order to avoid the unobtainium conundrum.

We give you unprecedented access to real-time market inventory through the most powerful technology in North America. Now you can determine if the alloy you need is available – before it becomes a problem. With Metal Suppliers Online you have:

  • Access to North America’s largest searchable database with 5,345 metal suppliers
  • Insight into stock status and production capabilities of every supplier
  • Ability to search 17,000 metals by grade
  • Online calculators and metal industry tools

Many engineers deal with Unobtainium on a regular basis. It’s a costly headache that can result in unnecessary project delays.

When you know the perfect metal for the project is actually available on the market, the Unobtainium Conundrum becomes a problem of the past. Kick it to the curb with the power of Metal Suppliers Online.

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