The Professional Tool for Professional Buyers

You know the drill: you get a request for a non-standard item. You spend hours searching the open market to find it. With any luck, you find a supplier and get a quote. You hope you found the best match and then it’s time to search again.

The question is, did you have access to all 5,000 suppliers across the country?

  • Did you find the actual stocking supplier (or a broker) at the best price?
  • Did your online search truly give you the true supplier or did you get a marked up price from a broker?

It’s time to find any metal quickly and economically based on your exact needs.

Metal Suppliers Online gives you a laser view of the market in real time. Save time and money by quickly creating an RFQ and distributing it to chosen suppliers – all within the Metal Suppliers Online environment.

  • Easily handle RFQs for “hard to find” alloys
  • Search 5,345 North American metal suppliers
  • Filter your search results by approved/ ISO 9001 vendors
  • Search 17,000 metals by grade, spec, tradename
  • Use calculators and metal industry tools

Your own profile – customized inventory alerts

When you create a profile of the metals you commonly use – our system automatically notifies you when excess inventory is listed that matches that profile. It’s that easy – and that comprehensive.

We are North America’s largest metal supplier database built by metal professionals for metal professionals.

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